Edward Lai

My Research


What I do

My overarching research goal is to promote consumer and social welfare by working at the intersection of sustainability and societal well-being. I strive to conduct quality research that provides theoretical insights but also has important societal implications. My research interests cover both pre-purchase and post-purchase decision making. 

Manuscripts Under Review

Lai, Edward Yuhang, Julio Sevilla, Mathew S. Isaac, and Rajesh Bagchi, “The Easy Addendum Effect: When More Work Seems Less Effortful,” Under 3rd Round Review at the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Lai, Edward Yuhang and Rajesh Bagchi, “The Value of Having Been Used Before: Heightened Consumer Value Perceptions of Products Made from Recycled Materials,” Dissertation Essay 1 (Job Market Paper), Under Review at the Journal of Consumer Research.

Lai, Edward Yuhang, Mario Pandelaere, and Daniel Villanova, “Getting Less from More: Do More Options Lead to Inevitable Dissatisfaction in an Unreliable World?,” Under Review at the Journal of Consumer Research.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Lai, Edward Yuhang and Mario Pandelaere, “Motivated Happiness within a Brand Hierarchy,” working paper, in preparation for submission to the Journal of Consumer Research.