Edward Lai


My Teaching Philosophy

I believe higher education in business schools is a discovery process, where students take active roles in exploring different problems, relating their own perspectives, and ultimately transforming the learning experiences into knowledge of their own. Overall, my objective is to help students develop as deep critical thinkers. My role in the classroom is not just being a lecturer but being a facilitator who encourages students to engage in active learning and exploration. Therefore, I embrace the philosophy of student-centered learning.

My Courses

Marketing Analytics

A case-based course that focuses on developing evidence-based managerial decision making through analytics models and techniques.

Consumer Behavior

A topic-based course that covers both the classic and latest research findings in consumer behavior as well as applications in the marketplace.

Student Comments

Very nice, I appreciated how accommodating he was and provided many resources to help us learn.
After submitting a particular assignment the professor provided us with critical, helpful feedback intended for continued growth and success in the course. It was very apparent from the beginning of the course that the instructor cared about his students and strived for each to be successful. The feedback was particularly valuable when submitting any future assignments because he elaborated on what we could have done to better meet his expectations.
He was always really prepared and always was there to help everyone out with questions. He also did a lot of in-class practice calculations which really helped.
Really appreciate everything he did for me in the semester, best professor I have had in business courses by far.
He was always willing to help us understand the material. I learned so much from his class it was astonishing and he is such a great professor. I wish I could take more of his classes. He is so nice and truly cares about the success of his students.
Really helped me work through problems that made little sense to me, would brush over important topics but go into more depth later, genuinely took interest in us as students and made sure we understood the assignments, I would want him as a professor again.
It was very evident the professor was extremely knowledgable in the course content and was passionate about sharing his knowledge with us students. He came to class each day well prepared with an in depth powerpoint presentation, that was easy for students to follow along and add any additional notes throughout the entirety of his lecture while he elaborated on several topics. He not only made sure the content was clear, concise, and comprehendible but he also paused and took the time to answer any questions that arose.